Pros and cons of using a free Netflix account

Netflix is an on-demand streaming services platform that allows you to watch movies and TV shows anytime. But for you watch these movies and shows, you need to subscribe to this company and pay a monthly subscription fee. This sounds good and you might consider signing up but before you make a move, it is vital that you read some reviews. For instance being aware of pros and cons will help to decide whether this is something you want or not.


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A great number of men and women are getting a free Netflix account

Wide Selection of Movies

Netflix has more than 100,000 movies and blockbuster or more than 80,000. You have the chance to select the movie that you want, not just in one genre but in a variety of genres. You can watch as many movies as you want as a paid subscriber or whether you have a free Netflix account.

One Month Free

Majority of us if not all of us like free things, do we? Netflix offer one month free subscription on their site. The reason behind it is because it’s striving to your business before it will cost you for something (it’s like attracting and retaining customers). If you happen not to like the platform, you can cancel your subscription before the expiry of the free trial ends.


This is one of the best basic features of this platform. You don’t need to hire a cab to take you to a rental place to watch your favorite movie but instead the movies come to you. All you need to do is to select the web page from the site and the DVD or Blu-ray discs will be shipped to you. How convenient is that? And if you have a free Netflix account the better.


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A number of web-sites share the way to get a free Netflix account

Selecting Movies

It’s hard to search for your movie even though the movies are attainable. It’s not like strolling in over the store. Netflix concentrates on how members can view simply movies in accordance with precisely what is worth watching.

Monthly Payment

After the expiry of the free trial (which is one month), you are required to pay $8 every month whether you are making good use of the site or not. Invariably, you can place your membership on hold; maybe if you are travelling or if you’re busy with work or so.

Rare Movies take Longer

If you’re interested in a movie that is rare, it may take a little longer to reach you because Netflix has to find shipping center and this may take time to mail. The rare movie may not be accessible in their shipping center.

To get rid of these cons if you can have a Netflix free account, then you’re sure of getting everything free.